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Are you in a rural area that is under served by your current provider and want
GoMadisonFiber in your community?   



We are currently building facilities in many rural areas.  You could be the next Fiberhood on Madison's Fiber To The Home (FTTH) service list with internet speeds as fast as 100 Mbps!

Once constructed, Madison’s new fiber network will provide you with reliability, premier quality, and the fastest internet service in the region, all the while ensuring that we’ll be able to offer whatever exciting services the future brings.  We will provide the best in voice and entertainment services with hundreds of HDTV channels, TVEverywhere and Multi-Room DVR for your entire household to enjoy!  



Some of the Benefits of having the FTTH Network right at your doorstep:

•    Lightning Fast Internet Speeds  
•    FTTH has shown to increase property values
•    High Speed Internet strengthens your community by providing opportunities for Economic Growth & Community Development.  


Now is the time to take action!

 Click below to give us your address and to let us know you're interested in becoming part of the fast growing Madison Fiber Network.

If there is enough interest and your area is chosen for a build, we will contact you and your neighbors right away! 



Fiber-to-the-Home Timeline

       **The standard timeline for a fiber project in a rural area is 6-9 months. 
























IT network







IT network








While you wait, we get busy!

It can feel like a lifetime when you are waiting for something you really want to experience, especially when you know someone else already has it and really enjoys it. We understand, and promise your fiber optic Internet, HDTV and voice service will be worth the wait. Here’s a glimpse at why your patience is appreciated and necessary.

Interest and Sign Up - Timing is everything.

Our goal is to bring you Madison Fiber service as quickly as possible. We have mapped out areas that have received the largest number of requests for our fiber service.  The next step is to sign up for service by choosing your package and paying the fiber fee to reserve your spot on the construction list.  Customers will receive their services based upon first come, first served.   It is also a period of time that determines the level of commitment by a prospective Fiberhood.  Once we reach our commitment requirements, construction will be scheduled.  We’ll contact you with an estimate for when you can expect construction to begin and any construction updates will be sent directly to your provided email.  

A lot of things impact our timing, though. This piece explains what we do between the time you sign up and the time we can install Madison Fiber in your home. It also explains why sometimes things can take a bit longer than we originally anticipated.

Building brand new networks take time.

Just because you may not see us in your Fiberhood doesn't mean we are not working on your fiber.  We may be placing equipment at a remote location near your Fiberhood or laying new fiber in the ground to bring services to you.  Consider how many miles of streets are in your city or just your Fiberhood. That’s a lot of ground to cover, one foot of fiber at a time.

Before we invite you to sign up for Madison Fiber, we spend a lot of time developing a construction plan for your community and working with local authorities on permitting and other issues. Once a Fiberhood qualifies for fiber service, there is more design, engineering and staking work to be done.

Underground investigations must be done.

Before we can lay the fiber in the ground or bring in construction equipment such as boring machines, we have to figure out where the existing underground utilities are—wires, pipes, water lines, and so on. We follow the required process for marking the locations (“locates”) where each utility is supposed to be. This helps our construction crews when they are digging. You might see orange, blue, red, or yellow paint on sidewalks, streets, or even on your grass. Those are locating marks.

Private property access rights must be acquired.

Our franchises, which are issued by a state or local government, give us the right to build our network in public rights-of-ways and easements in a particular jurisdiction. Where applicable, we have to separately secure the rights to construct on private property, such as in a multi-family apartment building, in a gated community, or across a private road.  Depending on the circumstances, this can take time.

Construction can be disruptive.

Most construction work is disruptive in some way or another. Madison Communications attempts to minimize disruption for the city and its residents but it is dependent upon the accuracy of utility locates and cooperation from municipalities.  In the event of unforeseen damage to lawn or street cleanliness, Madison will take every measure to clean up and restore the area to its original state.

Your neighbor might get fiber installed before you.

Occasionally, one or two homes on a street won't get installed until weeks or months after the rest of the street is installed. This can be confusing to residents, and your patience is always appreciated. There are a couple of reasons this might happen: 

  • Sometimes property access becomes an issue (ie: weather, gates, animals, dog fences.)
  • Installation differences may occur. Many houses in a neighborhood can have sprinkler systems, landscaping, driveways, etc. that can take additional planning to navigate around.
  • Unforeseen circumstances can arise. We wish we could prepare for every unexpected obstacle, but sometimes there are unique conditions at a particular address that affect our ability to install Madison Fiber.

Hurry up and wait.

Even under the best of circumstances, some things can slow us down that are out of our control, such as:

  • Weather and more weather. We still work outside when the weather doesn’t cooperate, but sometimes it is just impossible. Consider when you notice most road construction. You see more of that in spring and summer than in fall or winter. Usually, you won’t see road construction on snowy or rainy days. This pattern is similar for Fiber construction. Nearly everything stops or slows down in bad weather, including fiber network construction.
  • There is just not enough daylight. Construction permits are usually only valid for certain days of the week and may limit times of the day crews can work. We might have enough crews to work longer days or over the weekends, but we must comply with the local restrictions.
  • Everyone deserves a break.  We try to minimize the impact of illness and/or scheduled days off but sometimes life just happens.

We’re very efficient when we can be!

We can still run into roadblocks and delays though. 

For example:

  • We build out an area strategically, deploying resources where they can be put to work. Rather than having to go from street A to street B, we can build street K and then H and then Q, if that makes more sense, and then connect them as we get adjacent streets completed. This means we can bypass streets that may be temporarily inaccessible and come back to them later. That helps us keep moving forward, keeps our crews busy, and makes the whole process go as quickly as possible.
  • We have designed the Fiberhood sign up and construction process to maximize efficiency. This means we stick to our sign up deadlines so that we can build in a particular Fiberhood and then move on to work in another Fiberhood.
  • We plan in advance and coordinate with the local authorities as much as possible, so we’re ready to start construction as soon as sign ups close.


When it’s time to connect to your home, we’ll call you to schedule your installation appointment.


Why go with a Premier Rural Communications Provider? 

In late 2015, Madison Communications was nationally recognized as one of the top twelve companies to receive the distinguished Smart Rural Community award from the NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association.  

We are confident our decision to expand service to your area will contribute to the economic vitality of the communities we call home.  Rural America is our home too and we believe this investment expands the best communications network available to our friends and neighbors.


At Madison Communications, we offer what the national providers won't...

Award winning local customer service along with premiere reliability and quality to our rural communities!  All from local people who care and believe in the value of investing in our local economy.  You are not a number!

For additional information, please contact our Customer Care Team at 800-422-4848. We look forward to serving all of your communications needs in the months and years to come!




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