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Internet Support

Router Installation

Madison does not support the use of routers with our high speed internet services, however we do not discourage the use for home networks.  We understand there is often a need to connect more than one computer to your connection. 

Troubleshooting issues with a home network or router over the phone is often very time difficult and time consuming.  Madison will send a technician to your home to install, configure, and troubleshoot.  Onsite service is billed at one hour minimum at an hourly rate of $90.00 per hour.

Email Configuration

Madison Communications tech support has standardized on supporting Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail, but all email software will require the same settings to retreive your email.

Email software needs to check and send email for you, therefore it needs your email username and password, and it needs to know which email server on the internet to request your email from and to send your email through.

These servers are referred to by email software as the incoming and outgoing mail server addresses.  The type of account is a POP3

For your email account with Madison the servers are named as follows:

incoming mail server: mail.madisontelco.com

outgoing mail server: smtp.madisontelco.com 

Remember username, password, server names etc. all in lower case.

If you wish to use your portable device such as a cell phone, tablet, or laptop to check your email when away from your home network.

Examples: Iphone, Ipad, Android smart phone, Palm Pilot, Blackberry, Windows Mobile.

You will need to set your outgoing mail server settings to authenticate when sending mail.  This will allow your email application to send email through Madison's email server while you are accessing the internet through a service provider other than Madison Communications.

Email Protection

All Madison mail passes through an Active Email Management System, designed to detect and divert junk mail and viruses before they reach the end-user. Customers use their email address as their username and assigned password to log in to a Dashboard to retrieve any quarantined email messages. The Dashboard is located at http://filter.gomadison.com and may be customized to set tolerance levels for intercepting junk mail, authorizing acceptable senders and blocking senders automatically. Suspect mail will be quarantined for review or disposition.This service reduces the volume of junk mail otherwise received in a customer's inbox and provides added protection against receiving email which may contain viruses.
For more information on Madison's Junk Email Management System.

Personal Web Space

Madison offers free web hosting for a non-commercial website or remote storage of 20 MB for personal use, with each email account.

To FTP your files to this location use an FTP client and login with the following information:

hostname: web.madisontelco.com
username: username for your email account.
password: use password which corresponds to the email user name.

Once logged in you will see a www folder, upload your website into this folder.
Make sure the home page file of your web site is named index.html

The url to your website will be as follows:

Virus & Spyware Alerts

Internet threats are constantly evolving. Did you know that 10 out of every 11 email messages on the internet today are Spam?

Please take the time to inform yourself and to protect your investment.


Reminder: Keep your PC updated with Microsoft updates, and keep your anti-virus and spyware software up to date and scanning on a daily basis. Or, if you would rather not think about it, consider signing up for SecureIT.

SecureIT Plus

Madison offers a monthly service that provides the industry's only fully managed and guaranteed computer protection service that prevents spyware, adware, viruses, hackers and other threats from harming a user's personal computer. In addition, its optimization tools make sure the machine receives the appropriate updates and performs at optimal levels.

SecureIT Plus Services offers Free Technical Support!
SecureIT Plus Services guarantees that if you do have a problem with an Internet-delivered PC issue while using SecureIT Plus Services, your computer will be repaired at no charge!
SecureIT Plus Services provides the following protection:
• Free PC Diagnostics
• Installation of SecureIT Plus Software (Old security software removed)
• Guaranteed protection
• Managed virus protection
• Managed spyware protection
• Managed Firewall protection
• Parental Controls
• Microsoft Patch Management
• Hard drive optimization
• Monthly e-mail summary and online reporting
• SecureIT Plus Comparison
• Free technical support
Contact Madison's business office today at 1-800-422-4848 for more information and pricing on SecureIT Plus Services.

Dial-Up Internet

Madison offers two local numbers for dial-up access.

Staunton 618-635-7107

Worden 618-459-3760

If you are outside of these areas, you may incur long distance telephone charges.  Please check with your telephone carrier.