GoMadison Email Support

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Email applications used to send and receive email will need to be configured with Madison's incoming and outgoing mail server names, your email username and email password.

Set email account type to POP3

Madison mail servers are named as follows: 

incoming mail server: mail.madisontelco.com 

outgoing mail server: smtp.madisontelco.com 

Disable SSL and enter only your username for the username not your entire email address.

If the computer or device used to send or receive email will only be used while connected to Madison's high speed internet service then the outgoing mail server port can be left at the default port setting of 25 without authentication.

If you wish to use your mobile devices such as a cell phones, tablets, or laptops to check send email when away from your home network you will need to set your outgoing port to 587 with authentication and disable SSL.

Examples: Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android smart phone, Android tablets, MS Surface, and Windows Mobile.

Setting your outgoing mail server settings to authenticate when sending mail allows your email application to send email through Madison's email server while you are accessing the internet through a service provider other than Madison Communications.

Email is filtered prior to delivery to reduce spam and email containing virus or phishing techniques.
You will receive a weekly email listing email which has been quarantined by the email spam/virus filter.
A link in the email will log you in automatically to your account on the spam/virus filter web site.
Alternatively you may log in yourself at http://filter.gomadison.com by using your entire email address for the username and your email password.