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Internet Phone FAQ

Telephone Services
What is Internet Phone Service?
What equipment is needed for Internet Phone?
Is Internet Phone E911 compliant?
What is E911?
What are the FCC requirements?
Will my 911 service work in a power outage?
How will the 911 dispatchers know my address?
What are some advantages of E911?
Where can I find warning label for my phone?
Will Internet Phone service work on all of my house phones?
How do I troubleshoot no dial tone on my Internet Phone?
How do I reboot my Phone Adapter?
What is Choppy / One-way audio / Dropped Audio?
How do I reboot (power cycle) my network?
Are there any unsupported configurations for my Internet Phone?
What if I have a wireless router or cordless phone?
How is the wiring handled for an Internet Phone install?
How do you troubleshoot for static or garbled audio?
How do you troubleshooting echo?
What is Echo?
What do I do if I’m unable to make outbound calls?
Checking for Loss of Internet Connectivity
Madison Service and Firewalls