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Official Rules
Official Rules
No purchase necessary. One valid entry per contestant.

You must be 13 years of age or older at time of entry to be eligible for this contest. This contest is void where prohibited by law.


Contest runs for nine (9) weeks, beginning on August 21, 2017 with picks for games on August 25th, 2017.


Entry will be accepted at any week throughout the contest, however, chances of winning overall prize will be limited.


Winners will be notified by email. If a winner is unreachable after seven (7) days, or if that winner is unavailable for prize fulfillment, an alternate winner will be selected.

Odds of winning depend on the number of eligible entries received.

Madison Communications Company reserves the right to substitute any prize with another prize of equal or greater value.

Madison Communications reserves the right to restrict the local winners to only persons whose primary residence is within a 60 mile radius of Madison's office.

Contest entrants agree to abide by the terms of these Official Rules and by the decisions of the contest commissioners, which are final on all matters pertaining to the contest.


Entrants further grant Madison Communications Company the right to use and publish their proper name and state online and in print, or any other media, in connection with the Contest. 


Madison Communications Company reserves the right to use any and all information related to the Contest, including information on contestants obtained through the contest, for marketing purposes or any other purpose, unless prohibited by law.


The Contest and all of the related pages, contents and code are copyright, Madison Communications Company.  Copying or unauthorized use of any copyrighted materials, trademarks or any other intellectual property without the express written consent of its owner is strictly prohibited.


Each winner, by acceptance of the prize, agrees to release all Sponsors, and their parent and subsidiary companies, their officers, directors, employees, agents, shareholders, affiliates, suppliers, distributors, and advertising agencies from all liability, claims, or actions of any kind whatsoever for injuries, damages, or losses to persons and property which may be sustained in connection with the receipt, ownership, or use of the prize.


If a question cannot be answered because the "action" to result the "answer" is canceled, forfeited, or indefinitely suspended for any reason, or if there proves to be two correct listed answers for the question, that question shall not count for any contestant and scores will be computed as if the question did not exist. 

All results posted are unofficial until winners respond to e-mail notification.

For an individual week :
Fans pick a winner for each game along with a predicted final score of one select game for the week.  Each correct pick on the winner of the game will result in 10 points.  The final score serves as a tie-breaker for the weekly prize, among those with the top scores.   Standings will be posted on the Madison website, and e-mailed to each participant the week following the game.  If a game is not played due to forfeit, no points will be awarded for that game.
For the overall winners:
The top 3 overall scores after the final week will be awarded a prize.  In the event of a tie, the closest Final Scores the last week will serve as a tie-breaker. 

All decisions of the judges are final.

Madison Communications Company reserves the right to change the rules at any time.
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Past Winners

2011 Challenge Winners

Joe Baum - 1st

Patrick Murphy - 2nd

Doug Bugger - 3rd


2012 Challenge Winners

1st Place:    Brandon Frizzo

2nd Place:   Bob Osmoe

3rd Place:    Randall Anderson

Note:  We had three players tie for 2nd place, so, as stated in the Official Rules, the final week scores were used to determine the winners.

2013 Challenge Winners

1st - Steve Grejtak, 2nd - Randall Anderson, 3rd - Bob Osmoe


2014 top three scorers - Michael Grejtak, Cheryl Moore and Patrick Murphy!


2015 Winners

Congrats to the 2016 Pick'em Challenge Winners:

Bill Wood

Bob Osmoe

Patrick Murphy*


*Determined by tie-breaker.

The 2017 Pick'em Challenge begins on Monday, August 21st.

New for 2017 - Weekly prizes for the top score!

Choose a school for team stats

Picks must be submitted by 12pm on Friday, August 25th.

Choose a winner for each game. 10 points will be awarded for each correct choice on the game winner.

Enter a final score for the specified game of the week.  Closest final score among the top scorers will be awarded 5 extra points and serve as a tie-breaker for the weekly prize winner.

For example:  Five players pick correctly on all eight games for the week and receive 80 points.  Among those five players, the person who has the closest final score on Game 1 will receive an additional 5 points and be the weekly prize winner. 
In the event of a second tie, the weekly winner will be chosen by a drawing. 
Final Score:

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