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GoMadison with one of our convenient and maintenance
free lease plans 
you will always have the latest technology!


Advanced WiFi Gateway lease - $9.95/mo.

A wireless gateway device will combine the functions of a modem and a router, all in one
device and will allow you to connect multiple devices to the Internet. 


Already have a router? Our basic modem lease - $4.95/mo.

Your modem serves as a bridge between your local network and the Internet. It does not have wireless
capabilities so additional equipment will need to be purchased to connect wireless devices.


Prefer to own? 

*For Internet without Voice Service, you can purchase the latest Docsis 3.0 internet gateway
from us or you can 
purchase a Docsis 3.0 modem from a retailer.

For Internet with Voice Service, due to additional configuration requirements, your modem
must be purchased or leased through Madison Communications.

*Certain restrictions may apply.  Please contact our business office at 800-422-4848 for full details and equipment compatibility.