PC Protection & Parental Controls

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SecureIT Plus anti-virus and internet security protects your PC from the latest online threats.  New threats appear every day but with SecureIT Plus on your side, you get the industry-leading PC protection you need, plus the convenience of never needing to update your software.  It's that simple!


SecureIT Plus works silently in the background to make sure your PC is protected from ever changing internet threats.  With 24/7 technical support and guaranteed protection, SecureIT Plus is the easy choice for PC Security!


Do you know what your kids are doing online? 
You can with our parental controls!  This feature will allow you to monitor, control, and block access to content.  


SecureIT Plus Features

  • Anti-virus/spyware protection
  • Hands-free security updates
  • Personal firewall protection
  • Online Internet reporting
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Hard drive frag
  • Parental controls
  • Virus alerts
  • Bloatware removal tool
  • Hard drive maintenance and file optimization
  • Behavior based scanning and quarantine
  • ransomware scanning and removal


All for only $6.95/month!

*$8.95 without Madison Internet service.