GoMadison HDTV Premium Movie Packages

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           HBO Multiplex (8 channels) 

           Cinemax Multiplex (6 channels)  


        COMBINE AND SAVE $4 
           HBO/Cinemax Multiplex
$26.95/mo. for 14 channels



HBO and Cinemax
HBO and Cinemax




Showtime and Movie Channel

Showtime and Movie Channel



     Showtime Multiplex (10 channels)    


     The Movie Channel Multiplex (4 channels)  





     Showtime/The Movie Channel Multiplex
     $16.95/mo. for 15 channels





   Encore Movie Pak Multiplex (10 channels)

   Starz/Encore Super Pak Multiplex (17 channels) 

Starz and Encore
   Playboy TV    PlayboyTV





*Additional equipment is necessary to view premium channels and is not included in pricing.
*Other restrictions may apply.  Contact us for further details.