DVR and Multi-Room DVR Service

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Upgrade your viewing experience
GoMadison DVR Service!

You'll be able to record up to 350 hours of standard definition programming or up
to 60 hours of high definition programming and never miss live events. 

Plus, you can set your DVR to record daily, weekly or as often as you like!

GoMadison DVR Service - $10/month*

Offers the following features:

  • Pause, rewind, fast-forward or record live TV.
  • Rewind and replay recorded programs.
  • Schedule future recordings and configure series recordings.
  • Record up to two different programs at once, and switch between them using the Swap button.
  • Set Series Recordings and never miss your favorite shows.
  • Plenty of space with 500 GB of storage.
  • Record up to 350 hours of SD programming or up to 60 hours of HD programming!**
  • Only $10 per month for the whole house!


GoMadison Multi-Room DVR Service- $12/month*

Offers the following features:

  • The Host DVR has full DVR functionality to play, pause live TV, schedule and delete recordings.
  • Record two programs simultaneously on the Host DVR, while playing back previously recorded programs on up to three Multi-Room DVR Client boxes in your home.
  • Watch different recordings in multiple rooms at the same time.
  • Stop viewing a recording on the Host DVR and resume watching in another room
  • Only $12 per month for the whole house!

* DVR/MDVR service price does not include equipment.
** Recording times are approximate.



Need more DVR storage?

We've identified four DVR Expanders (Hard Disk Drives or "HDD's") that can be purchased and used in combination with your Madison DVR box to increase your storage space.  The Motorola approved  HDD's are listed below:

Western Digital My DVR Expander 500GB
Western Digital My DVR Expander 1TB
Seagate Showcase 500GB
Seagate Showcase 1TB

Note:  Madison cannot guarantee that any other manufacturer of 500GB or 1TB will work with our Motorola boxes nor can we guarantee that the manufacturer boxes listed above, in any other sizes, will work.