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Madison's Teacher of the Year Contest


2019 Teacher of the Year Winners

Jennifer GowinTrimpe Middle School

Caitlin Stutz - Our Lady Queen of  Peace School

John MasinelliStaunton High School

Jen Brefeld - Bethalto East Elementary



Thank you for participating in our contest!  We have received over 15,000 votes for the 110 area teacher nominees!

What a wonderful way to recognize our educators. 

Madison annually sponsors a "Teacher of the Year Contest" where residents can nominate their favorite teacher for this award.  To nominate a teacher, you must complete an online nomination form and provide a description of how this instructor has made a difference in the lives of his or her students.  Qualified candidates must be employed by a school district in Madison's service area during the calendar year for the contest period.  Qualified nominations will be posted to Madison's website for voting.  The teachers who receive the highest number of votes during the contest period will each receive a $500 cash award and plaque.  In addition, each winning teacher's homeroom class will receive a pizza party hosted by Madison!


2019 marks the 14th year of Madison’s annual Teacher of the Year contest, which has put over $14,000 back into our local school districts! This annual contest is just a small part of Madison’s commitment to give back and show support to the communities that we serve. 



2019 Nominees

Adam Koester- Edwardsville High School
Allison Giacomini - Parkside Elementary
Amanda Bartee - Bethalto East Elementary
Amanda Corey - Staunton Elementary
Amanda Gibson - Liberty Middle School
Amanda Wasson - Worden Elementary
Amber Newell - Bethalto East Elementary
Amy Hosto - Worden Elementary
Anastasia Henderson - Ben-Gil Elementary
Andrea Keller - Mount Olive High School
Anna Harris - Liberty Middle School
Anne Peuterbaugh - Trimpe Middle School
April Wrenn - Trimpe Middle School
Austin Sherfy - Staunton Junior High
Barb Osmoe - South Macoupin Headstart
Barbara Brackman - Zion Lutheran - Staunton
Beth Langendorf - Worden Elementary
Beth Schaft - Trimpe Middle School
Brianna Bohlen - Staunton Elementary
Bruce Malone - Staunton High School
Caitlin Stutz - Our Lady Queen of Peace School
Carrie Scott-Palmer - Ben-Gil Elementary
Carrie Warnecke - Grantfork Elementary
Casey Edgerton - Gillespie Middle School
Chris Frey - Highland Middle School
Christine Anderson - Hamel Elementary
Christopher Secoy - Zion Lutheran - Staunton
Cody Moore - Trimpe Middle School
Crystal Courtoise - Parkside Elementary
Dan DeLong - Southwestern High School
Daniel Allaria - Liberty Middle School
Debbie Pace - Shipman Elementary
Diana Kamadulski - Liberty Middle School
Dixie Patrow - Edwardsville High School
Erin Mc Afee - Wolf Ridge Elementary
Gina Curthis - Staunton Middle School
Grace Lane - Liberty Middle School
Heather Spudich - Mt Olive High School
Holly Nejmananski - Ben-Gil Elementary
Holly Weller - Staunton High School
Jacob Stieb - Highland Middle Schoo
James Campbell - Liberty Middle School
Janice Fee - Meadowbrook Intermediate
Jared Reynolds - Civic Memorial High School
Jeff Ochs - Trimpe Middle School
Jen Brefeld - Bethalto East Elementary
Jennifer Gowin - Trimpe Middle School
Jennifer Hailstone - Staunton High School
Joanne Snyder - Alhambra Elementary
Joe Manar - Wolf Ridge Elementary
John Masinelli - Staunton High School
Juliann Caveny - Mt. Olive School
Kari Crask - Staunton High School
Karrie Denney - Bethalto East Elementary
Kary Morgan - Trimpe Middle School
Katie Bevis-O’neal - Liberty Middle School
Katrina Cottingham - Southwestern Middle School
Kayla Wills - Gillespie High School
Kayli Boehler - Ben-Gil Elementary
Kelli Caldieraro - Staunton Elementary
Kelly Ackerman - Hamel Elementary
Kelly Baird - Woodland Elementary
Kelly Bernaix - Worden Elementary
Kelly Bruce - Liberty Middle School
Kelly Wooten - Bethalto East Elementary
Kerry Niemi - Mt. Olive Elementary
Kristy Klein - Staunton Elementary
Laura Unterbrink - Accola - Civic Memorial High
Lauren Decourcey - Staunton Elementary
Lauren Horton - Lincoln Middle School
LeAnn Brown - Staunton Elementary
Lindsey Schaffner - Parkside Elementary
Mary Ann Mitteis - Zion Lutheran - Staunton
Mary Hughes - Liberty Middle School
Matt Carmody - Trimpe Middle School
Matthew Larsen - Staunton High School
Matthew Zimmer - Meadowbrook Intermediate
Melissa Banker - Liberty Middle School
Mindy Savant - Ben-Gil Elementary
Misty Perez - Wolf Ridge Elementary
Molly Elliott - Bethalto East Elementary
Pam Kleckner - Zion Lutheran - Staunton
Paula Howell - Parkside Elementary
Peggy Nelson - South Macoupin Headstart
Peter Midgley - Wilber Trimpe Middle School
Rachael Graumenz - Hamel Elementary School
Rachel Hutchins - Mount Olive Elementary
Rachel Mosser - Zion Lutheran
Rebecca Vinson - Liberty Middle School
Rob Canada - Columbus Elementary
Robert Macias - Gillespie High School
Robyn Giesen - BenGil/SMACE
Sarah Bohlen - Staunton Elementary
Shannon Weber - Worden Elementary
Steven Shor - Staunton High School
Sina Rowe - Leclaire Elementary
Stacy Jarman - Illinois Valley Head Start
Stephanie Schwartz - Staunton High School
Steve Moore - Staunton High School
Susan Boduch - Liberty Middle School
Suzanne Rull - Wolf Ridge Elementary
Tammy Hyman - Bethalto East
Tim Smiddy - Staunton Elementary
Travis Pate - Liberty Middle School
Ty Laux - Civic Memorial High School
Val Carter - Staunton Elementary
Zach Klaustermeir - Trimpe Middle School
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