2020 Teacher of the Year Nominees

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The list is in alphabetical order by the teacher's last name.   Many teachers received more than one nomination.  We chose to reveal the first un-edited nomination they received but the nominee will get a full list with their certificate at a later date. 


Please click on the teacher's name to view the first nomination received.



Anderson, Jamie - Leclaire Elementary
Anderson, Jenna - Trimpe Middle School
Angelo, Luke - Meadowbrook Intermediate
Baird, Kelly - Woodland Elementary School
Banovz, Marissa - Trimpe Middle School
Bartee, Amanda - Bethalto East Primary School
Biermann, Johanna - St. Peter’s Lutheran School
Bohnenstiehl, Kim - Parkside Primary School
Burns, Jack - Gillespie High School
Burns, Jamie - Wolf Ridge Elementary & JHS
Burns, Melissa - St. Peter's Lutheran
Carmody, Matt - Trimpe Middle School
Combes, Shanna - Trimpe Middle School
Cooper, Kelly - Meadowbrook Intermediate
Corby, Rhonda - Staunton Elementary
Davin, John - Staunton High School
Denney, Karrie - Bethalto East Primary School
Doyle, Nikki - Trimpe Middle School
Dugan, Michelle - Wolf Ridge Elementary
Fee, Janice - Meadowbrook Intermediate
Garde, Tammy - Gillespie Middle School
Gerth, Joe - St. Paul Lutheran School
Gockel-Jones, Dawn - Wolf Ridge Elementary
Gowin, Jennifer - Trimpe Middle School
Haar, Dee - Trimpe Middle School
Hall, Donna - Meadowbrook Intermediate School
Howell, Paula - Parkside Primary School
Huebner, Jessica - Wolf Ridge Elementary
Hyman, Sierra - Columbus Elementary
Hyman, Tammy - Bethalto East Primary School
Ingram, Denise - Parkside Primary School
Jarman, Stacy - South Macoupin Head Start
Juergemeier, Matthew - Civic Memorial High School
Kamp, Meghan - Bethalto Community School Dist.
Klaustermeier, Zachary - Trimpe Middle School
Knight, Kim - Our Lady Queen of Peace
Kolesar, John - Staunton Junior High School
Kriegel, Rebecca - Parkside Primary School
Lemond, Joshua - Civic Memorial High School
Lewis, Brooke - Alhambra Primary
Lugge, Keri - Parkside Primary School
Masinelli, John - Staunton High School
McCalla, Maggie - St. Peter's Lutheran School
Moore, Cody - Trimpe Middle School
Murphy, Megan - Wolf Ridge Junior High
Osmoe, Barb - South Macoupin Head Start
Peuterbaugh, Anne - Trimpe Middle School
Pirok, Leslie - Worden Elementary
Price, Amy - Ben-Gil Elementary School
Rull, Suzanne - Wolf Ridge Elementary
Schaft, Beth - Trimpe Middle School
Sherfy, Austin - Staunton Junior High School
Slaby, Tyler - Liberty Middle School
Smiddy, Tim - Staunton Elementary
Troeckler, Robin - Bethalto East Primary School
Trost, Megan - Civic Memorial High School
Walker, Mary - Trimpe Middle School
Wallis, Ashley - Trimpe Middle School
Wiemers, Julie - Parkside Primary School
Wilhite, Renea - Bethalto East Primary School
Wineland, Kariann - Trimpe Middle School
Wooten, Kelly - Bethalto East Primary
Wrenn, April - Trimpe Middle School
Zimmer, Matthew - Meadowbrook Intermediate