Broadcast Surcharge

In 1992, the Federal government gave local television stations the unilateral decision to grant or deny permission for carriage of their television signal by cable and satellite providers. Broadcasters had the option of requiring operators like Madison to carry their stations for no monthly fee or negotiate a charge for doing so.  A recent trend is that local stations are charging ever increasing rates to cable and satellite providers for retransmitting their signals, despite the fact that their signals are being sent over the air, using free spectrum granted to them by the Federal government.  As a result, cable and satellite operators have no choice but to pass theses fees called Broadcast Surcharges on to the customer through their cable bills, increasing their overall monthly charges.  While this situation has resulted in the surcharge on customer bills, we pledge not to profit from that surcharge.  We will make sure we do not collect more from the surcharge than we pay to the owners of  broadcast TV stations.  As a voter, you can help change this.  By completing the form below, Madison Communications can send a letter to your Congressman on your behalf to inform them that you would like to see broadcast carriage rules reformed.  To view a sample letter, please click on the following link:  Letter to Washington


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Once we receive the completed form below, we will forward a letter on your behalf to your Congressman.  Thank you for your information.

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